Monday, 27 August 2012

Ways To Hack Facebook Passwords

If you are looking for ways of Hacking Facebook Passwords Then You are at the Right Place.

There are about more then one billion searches weekly on Google Wandering for methods to hack Facebook Passwords.And there are millions and millions of videos on YouTube on "How to hack Facebook Passwords.
But almost nobody knows the exact way to hack Facebook account password.
Today i am going to tell you some of the ways that  "hackers use to hack Facebook passwords". And by knowing these methods you can easily secure your Facebook account from hacking.

There are four main tricks for Hacking.

  1. Facebook phishing.
  2. Social Engineering.
  3. Primary E-mail address Hacking.
  4. Key Logging.

Facebook Phishing:

  • I have chosen this way first because this is Most Popular way of hacking Facebook passwords and according to the thousands of surveys taken in the world doesn't even knows that his/her password is hacked.And even also it is "most favorite method of hackers".And not only Facebook but all other E-mail account Passwords can be hacked by this little trick.

By using this method the hacker send a Fake Facebook Login page to the user which actually looks Absolutely  like an Original Facebook Login Page.
When the user enters his/her Username and Password to the given page Then Those details are taken to the the hacker by using which he can do every thing to that person's account.
You can become harmless by carefully reading the address of the login page which is sent to u suddenly between using Facebook and not entering Your Facebook Password in any unknown form.

Social Engineering:

  • This is also a very Effective way of hacking into someone's account,Especially if he is one of your Friends or  Relatives.And you have to be very careful while using this way.
This way Actually works Logically.We have to do is to just collect information of your victim for security questions for logging into the account.This should be very easy but also can be very tricky or you can say that complicated because you have to collect his very sensitive information.
you can prevent your account by saying a big "NO" when someone asks you that kinda question.
Or placing a very difficult question and answer in Facebook's Account setting.

Primary E-mail address Hacking:

  • Just think if a Facebook hacker somehow gets to your Primary E-mail address then how easily he can get control of your Facebook account? Usually what the Hackers do is to Hack the Primary E-mail address of the Facebook user and then use trick of Forgotten Password and Facebook sends the password to the Primary    E-mail address and Hacker becomes Happy and The User will Be very sad.
Now you can prevent your account to be hacked by this way by using your friend's E-mail address as your Recovery E-mail address and hide your primary E-mail address from your profile information of Facebook From Facebook's Account Setting.

Key Logging:

  •  Key logging is very hard method Among all of these Methods. Because for using this method  we have to place a key logging software to the Victim's computer,which in my opinion is actually very difficult.
This software actually records all the key strokes of the key board and anyone can hack Facebook account easily.There are hundreds of key logging software available in the market,But i will not name any one of them because i am here to tell my readers the methods to avoid being hacked.

Note: This post is Just For informative purpose.I will not be Responsible of any Illegal action of my readers.