Thursday, 30 August 2012

Top 5 Ways To create Back-links for Your Blog

In Today's World Meaning of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is no more than Link-Building or Creating Quality Back-links.And it is a better way of increasing Page Rank and alexa rank and visits.In today world if you have high Quality content with high keywords but you do not pay heed to the SEO of your blog then I am sorry to say you that here is no fruit for your hard work from Google and other search engines and that means that you will have no traffic and respectively no Page-Rank and Repute in the cyber world.
That is not all if you are starting a new blog and also building quality Back-links and doing SEO for your blog then this can give your blog an early traffic boost and makes you happy as it makes me happy.
Today I am here to explain you the Methods to "Create Quality Back-links".

  1. Exchanging Links to other Blogs
  2. Social Media Sites
  3. Joining Forums
  4. Leaving Comments On Other sites
  5. Guest Posting

Exchanging Links to other sites:

This is the a great way to have Quality Back-links.In this way you have to find some sites of your Niche with High Page Rank like  "PR 4" or "PR 5" and ask the Admin Politely to exchange back-links with your blog if he is not willing you can offer him some money in exchange This will help you a lot in SEO and that Backlink can send you a Huge amount of Traffic more than your imagination.

Social Media Sites:

This is the Easiest way of building Quality back-links and if You have larger social media Community then it can send you tons of traffic more then your thinking. 
There are many top social media websites like Facebook,Twitter and the Rapidly growing Site Google+ which is owned by the King of cyber world Google.
In these social sites you have to recognize your market and to recognize your clients and then you have to share your posts frequently and have to build a community .
But remember that do not create spam just share your post to your clients and the people who will like it. Once again don't spread spam or Either you will be Blocked.

Joining forums:

Joining Forums to Submit your site is worthy of spending time on forum activities.There are about hundred  of forums but remember and don't ever forget that you have to join the forum of your niche and having at least a Page Rank of 4,If you do so then you can get huge traffic also from there.Remember that you will not be there to spread spam,you have to promote your blog.Make friends and tell them about your Hard Work.
There are some most popular forums like "" or "Technorati".
I have also joined these forums and well satisfied from these forums because they divert a large amount of traffic towards your blog.

Leaving Comments on other Sites:

This is also a great way of creating back-links.You just have to find the blogs or sites of your niche which are of High Page Rank and comment on their posts.There are many methods of leaving Back-links in comments, like leaving your blog address in your signature or in these days there is a very popular gadgets like "comment luv" they allow you to leave a link to your latest post and show that post exactly below your comment allowing visitors to click on those links and reach to your post directly and there are thousands of blogs with "comment luv" enabled commenting system.
There are some points that you Should follow while commenting on other's blogs/sites.
  •  Your are not there to just give a link to your post or just to give formal comments like "nice post" or "amazing post" but you should comment about the post and that can be done after reading the post properly.
  • you should an attractive comment to attract the visitors to you and they click on your link and reach to your blog. So leave a very attractive comment that highly points out the main points of that post.
  • You should only comment the sites or blogs that relates to your blog niche.

Guest Posting:

Now-a-days Guest Posting is very Popular in the blogging world.If you want to leave one or more 
back-links on other blogs you can offer the admin of that blog with a guest post having two to three links pointing towards your blog's post.Often the owner of the blogs accept the offer but you have to provide a sample of your previous work so you basically have to give them a link of your previous blog post or a previous Guest post.If they approve the Quality of your work they will surely allow you to submit them your post by an E-mail or any other mean.

Last Words:

 You should not Spread Spam in any forum or blog because your blog can be blocked by the Search Engines and you have to start your work from the Beginning.Feel free to leave your suggestions for my blog.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Ways To Hack Facebook Passwords

If you are looking for ways of Hacking Facebook Passwords Then You are at the Right Place.

There are about more then one billion searches weekly on Google Wandering for methods to hack Facebook Passwords.And there are millions and millions of videos on YouTube on "How to hack Facebook Passwords.
But almost nobody knows the exact way to hack Facebook account password.
Today i am going to tell you some of the ways that  "hackers use to hack Facebook passwords". And by knowing these methods you can easily secure your Facebook account from hacking.

There are four main tricks for Hacking.

  1. Facebook phishing.
  2. Social Engineering.
  3. Primary E-mail address Hacking.
  4. Key Logging.

Facebook Phishing:

  • I have chosen this way first because this is Most Popular way of hacking Facebook passwords and according to the thousands of surveys taken in the world doesn't even knows that his/her password is hacked.And even also it is "most favorite method of hackers".And not only Facebook but all other E-mail account Passwords can be hacked by this little trick.

By using this method the hacker send a Fake Facebook Login page to the user which actually looks Absolutely  like an Original Facebook Login Page.
When the user enters his/her Username and Password to the given page Then Those details are taken to the the hacker by using which he can do every thing to that person's account.
You can become harmless by carefully reading the address of the login page which is sent to u suddenly between using Facebook and not entering Your Facebook Password in any unknown form.

Social Engineering:

  • This is also a very Effective way of hacking into someone's account,Especially if he is one of your Friends or  Relatives.And you have to be very careful while using this way.
This way Actually works Logically.We have to do is to just collect information of your victim for security questions for logging into the account.This should be very easy but also can be very tricky or you can say that complicated because you have to collect his very sensitive information.
you can prevent your account by saying a big "NO" when someone asks you that kinda question.
Or placing a very difficult question and answer in Facebook's Account setting.

Primary E-mail address Hacking:

  • Just think if a Facebook hacker somehow gets to your Primary E-mail address then how easily he can get control of your Facebook account? Usually what the Hackers do is to Hack the Primary E-mail address of the Facebook user and then use trick of Forgotten Password and Facebook sends the password to the Primary    E-mail address and Hacker becomes Happy and The User will Be very sad.
Now you can prevent your account to be hacked by this way by using your friend's E-mail address as your Recovery E-mail address and hide your primary E-mail address from your profile information of Facebook From Facebook's Account Setting.

Key Logging:

  •  Key logging is very hard method Among all of these Methods. Because for using this method  we have to place a key logging software to the Victim's computer,which in my opinion is actually very difficult.
This software actually records all the key strokes of the key board and anyone can hack Facebook account easily.There are hundreds of key logging software available in the market,But i will not name any one of them because i am here to tell my readers the methods to avoid being hacked.

Note: This post is Just For informative purpose.I will not be Responsible of any Illegal action of my readers.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Nikon Coolpix S800c released

WiFi connectivity is an easy way of sharing uploading and browsing
photographs and videos on the social networks.
Users will also be able of playing games and downloading apps and surf the
internet through Coolpix S800c.
This device runs on Android GingerBread and also having Built-in WiFi in it.


  • Cool pix comes with built-in Google+,Google maps,Gmail and YouTube.
  • This camera device also contains an app named  "Upload to Smart Device" which lets the user to transfer the photographs and Videos to other Devices over WiFi that may either run on Android or iOS.
  • This Killer device comes with 10x Optical Zoom VR Image Stabilization 25-250 mm Nikkor lens.
  • Nikon S800c also have 3.5 inch wide screen OLED Touch Display Monitor.
  • Since This is not a phone thus It does not support 2G or 3G,It will use device for connectivity to your friends if they or u are in WIFI range.
  • The camera Device is also capable of taking  about 140 photos at a single with the help of 1050 mAh battery.
  • It also have some simple and cool Image Effects and An Image Editor in it.
  • This camera is Capable of storing 1.7 GB storage capacity for Pics and and 680 MB for apps and is also expandable.
Pre-registration for this Camera has been started ,However it will be available in the market in September 2012 at the price of $350 or around 32000 PKR.