Monday, 2 July 2012

What is meant by ISP and SMTP


ISP stands for Internet Service Provider.ISP provides a link between the individual
user's computer and internet.The most common type of physical connection used for this service
is dial up modem that operates over normal telephone lines.
An ISP is a company, which provides you access to the internet and provides facilities 
of WWW,Email and FTP etc. Different ISPs in Pakistan are Comsat,Brain Net and WOL etc.


SMTP stands for  Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is one of the most popular network 
service is electronic mail. It supports electronic mail on the internet. It is a system for sending 
messages to other computers users based on email addresses.
SMTP provides the facilities for email exchange between users on same or different computers.
it also supports:
  • sending a single message to one or more recipients .
  • sending messages that include text, voice,video or graphics.
  • sending messages to users outside the network.
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