Thursday, 5 July 2012

What is HTML

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It was deve1oped in early 1990s. It is a formatting language used to develop web pages. Hypertext means That   HTML marks certain words in the document as links to other parts of the same document or other document. When the user clicks on a link browser stars displaying the document attached to that link.
     HTML is not a programming language.It is used to define text,Graphics,audio and video in web pages.It uses tags or markups to specify how the content of web pages will be displayed. HTML code can be written in any text editor like Notepad.
     HTML was developed a few years ago as a subset of SGML. SGML stands, for
Structured Generalized Mark-upS Language It also describes formatting and hypertext links, and different compóneñts of a document. It is. basically an application-oriented document format. SGML is not ideal for transmission across the Internet to different types of computers and browser applications.
     HTML is simpler than SGML. It was designed for use over the Internet in the form of Web pages. HTML is more suited for this purpose. It is used tO design and create pages for different types of users of the Web.