Monday, 2 July 2012

Disadvantages of internet

          Hacking is one of the most important disadvantages of internet. The hackers access the data stored on computers across internet. They can use this data illegally or even destroy it.
          Internet contains large number of immoral websites. These websites contains such type of content which is against the moral values of our society. These websites are damaging the character of young people.
3. Security Problems:-
           Internet has created many security problems. Important data can be hacked on internet. Hackers also damage different websites and delete their contents. They also retrieve Critical data of different organizations and governments.
4. Viruses:-
            Internet is most important source of spreading computer viruses now a days. People spread virus using internet and Emails. Many websites also contain Different Viruses that are copied to the computers when the users visit the websites.
5. Wastage Of Time:-
           Many people use internet without any positive purpose. The young people waste their time in chatting. It affects their performance and makes them inefficient.
6. Cyber Crime:-
           Internet is a source of cyber-crimes. People use internet for negative activities. They Hacks credit card numbers of people and use them for shopping. Some people use internet to spread illegal and immoral material. Many Governments are introducing laws to stop cyber crimes.