Thursday, 5 July 2012

Browser settings and Privacy Concerns about Cookies

Browser Setting for Cookies:

The browser can be set to accept cookies as follows:
• The user can set the browser to accept cookies automatically.
• It can be set to prompt the user to accept a cookie.
• It can be set to disable the use of cookies altogether. However, the user may not be able to use many of e-commerce web sites if cookies are disabled.

Privacy Concerns about Cookies:

Webmasters obtain information about users IP addresses, browser type, Last pages visited using cookies. It allows Web server to recognize a user who has already visited the website from the same computer. It allows the compilation of user profiles and large amounts of data related to the interests of the user.
Advertisers and webmasters are currently using cookies to develop detailed profiles of users and their browsing habits. Each click on a particular type of page in a website is added to the profile. The information is primarily used for website design and placement of banner advertisements. However, this information can be sold for other commercial purpose that creates a concern to personal privacy.