Monday, 2 July 2012

Benefits Of Internet For Business Organizations

1. Marketing and Advertising:-
        A business organization can use the internet to market and advertise products all over the world. The user of popular websites is an effective way of introducing a product to the costumers.
2. Providing Customer Services:-
        A business organization can interact with customers using the internet. The businessman can discuss different issues about their products. He can also deal with their complaints and provide better and different services to them.
3. Online Trading:-
       Online trading is a process of conducting business using the internet. a business organization can do all trading activities electronically. The products can be displayed on the website where the costumers can buy these products. The costumers can also pay by credit card. It is an easier and quicker way of trading.
4. Wider Customers Base:-
        Organizations at distant places can interact with customers easily. Any person from any part of the world can be their customer. It provides a wider customers base for any business organization.
5. Competitive Advantage:-
         Companies using the internet in business are more competitive because they can offer their products and services to more customers well in time.