Thursday, 24 May 2012

Internet And Its History


Internet is a huge collection of computers all over the world that are all connected to one another. It is a global network of computers. These computers are connected through different telecommunications links like:

• Phone lines
• Fiber optics lines
• Satellites and wireless connections

Internet is used to find inf stored on the computers called hosts or servers. These computers use a common protocol called TCP/IP for communication. TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Proto/Internet Protocol. Each computer connected to the Internet can act as host. A host c provides information to the people.
People can find informatfon about books, magazines, encyclopedia and other types of material on the Internet. -Th can get expert opinions on any topic. They can alsO communicate with world com’1 on different subjects. The Internet has made this world a global village.

History Of Internet:-

The work on Internet was started in 1960s during the cold war of Russia and America. America wanted to communicate with its Armed Forces. A network of four computers was developed in the beginning.
The project was handed over to DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency). DARPA started connecting computers at different universities and defense companies
Different universities and research organizations also started the development of their own networks to share inf√≥ and data with other people. After a few years, all networks of universities and research organizations were connected by DARPA with each other to make the world’s biggest network.This network is know known as Internet.
In 1989, all previous networks were replaced by NSFNET of National Science Foundation. The Internet facility was now available to common people.