Friday, 25 May 2012



Email stands for Electronic Mail. Email is the exchange of messages and files through Internet. Message can be in the form of graphics, sounds, video clips or simple text. it is a fast way of sending messages anywhere in the world in a very short time.
The sender and receiver may be sitting in the same building or anywhere in the world.
One email message can be sent to many people. Email facility is provided by many Internet
Service providers or specialized websites. Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail are some poptilar.
examples of email providing websites.

Advantages and Uses of Email:-

Some advantages of email are as follows:
• It is very fast and timely.
• it is very cheap and inexpensive.
• People can send and receive message anywhere in the world.
• People can share information.
• It is possible to send and receive email through mobile phone.
• Email gives us the facility to send pictures, sounds and videos
• Email message does not disturb the recipient. It is stored on a server and can be read at any time.

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